History of Penang Sao Lim Athletic Association

In the year 1956, Patriach Sik Koh Sum established Sao Lim Athletic Association of Penang in order to teach Sao Lim Hood Khar Pai. At that time the life in Malaysia is still very hard and the capacity to ensure its personal defense (especially for the least fortunate) can be crucial. In this context the school acquires a solid reputation quickly; initially for the quality of its combatants, but also for his social role on the island of Penang and more particularly within the Chinese community.

In the years between 80s and 90s, Malaysia had achieved strong economic growth, generating of prosperity and a certain softening of manners. The capacity to be defended not being more one peremptory necessity, local youth is diverted from traditional arts of combat to more social and sports activities in the community.

Today, Penang Sao Lim Athletic Association remains one of the most active schools in the island. Among the pupils, their motivations generally come from the nature of sports, cultural and social spirit which drive them into practising the art. Each generation is brought into batch of practise, under the guidance of Master P’ng.